Art of Si Radcliffe | About Me
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My Story

This is my online portfolio,I want to share with you all the work I do in 3D and 2D, and at a later date produce tutorials based around the tools I use in my trade.

Well a bit about me, I went to collage after leaving school where I undertook a Diploma in IT, once that finished I decided to take a course doing art and design where I found a real passion for 3D modelling and 2D traditional art. I took this course to help improve my skills for web graphics.

I started out as a hobbyist 3D car modeler and I was then given an opportunity to work in a commercial studio.

I worked with the company doing 3D visuals for well know high street names in the cosmetic and beverage industry, I did some visuals for TRESemmé, Peroni, Farris While I was at the company I did a lot of 3D modelling for other products for the same brands.

Since then I have been working freelance I have done a lot of 3D models and renders for different things, Architectural Visuals, Product designs, Packaging, transportation modelling and visuals, web design plus much more.



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What I Do

As a freelance artist, I’m available for hiring worldwide on a project by project basis.

These are the services I provide, inquiries are welcome.


  • Visualisations and Design
  • Vehicles
  • Industrial products
  • product visualisations
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Compliment Slips
  • Leaflet design
  • Brochure design
  • Flyer design
  • Poster design
  • Advert design
  • Vinyl Banner / Sign design
  • 3D Design
  • Photo realistic 3D images
  • Architectural Visualisations
  • Concept Design
  • Furniture Visualisations


I am available for hire on a freelance basis. For interesting, long term projects and I don’t mind relocating to work on-site.

Feel free to contact me for any further questions.